Art Portfolio

Fantasy map of the USA.

Fantasy map of Cleveland, Ohio.

The nations of Thèah, from the Seventh Sea 2nd Edition RPG, John Wick Presents (2016).

Paper cutout map of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

William Empson's travels in Asia, from Face of the Buddha, Oxford University Press (2016).

Map inspired by a blotch on the floor of a conference center parking garage.

Medieval map of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Map of Arkham, 1692, from Cthulhu Dark RPG.

Map of contact-era sites around Wellington, New Zealand.

Map of arboretum at Homewood Cemetery, Pittsburgh.

Fantasy map of Boston, Massachusetts.

Map of the land of Syelleyaa.

Map of London, 1851, from the Cthulhu Dark RPG.

Map of locations for VW bus tourists in Switzerland, from WALDEN magazine, March 2018 (in German).

Paper cutout map of New Jersey waterways.

Sindarin map of northwestern Middle-earth.

Gurrnumin Algha, from Inktober 2017 prompt "swift."

Map from Wicked Fantasy RPG, John Wick Presents (2019).