I've made a number of ridiculous images over the years, and this page is my central repository of them. Click on any image for a larger version (if available).

More serious art can be found on my DeviantArt page, or for sale in my Etsy store.

Pusheen Fan Art
Some fan art of Pusheen the Cat.

Infinite Bunnies
My first attempt at an animated gif, based on a picture of a bunny laying on top of another bunny.

Catbug in Middle Earth
A comic on the back of a placemat that mashes up Lord of the Rings and Bravest Warriors.

Batman versus The Doctor
A comic on the back of a placemat showing what would happen if The Doctor (from Doctor Who) met Batman.

Doge, Projected
I took the original Doge image, treated it as an equirectangular projection, and then re-projected it to Mercator to illustrate the kind of distortion that the Mercator projection creates.

The American Revolution
Some friends in an improv troupe did a sketch about what would happen if Ben Franklin were a giant robot and George Washington were a tiny alien. I made a comic version on the back of a placemat.

Scary Bradley
I took a picture of Bill Bradley when he came to Colgate, and he got very bad red-eye in the photo.

The Queen of Right Turns
A sketch from Trivia Night.
Trivia Sketches
Little sketches I did during Trivia Night.

"What I Do" Meme, for Geographers
My take on this meme.
Cat Marcos
A really terrible pun, in English and Spanish versions.

This meme has gone horribly wrong.

No, Descartes!
Rene Descartes believed that animals don't feel pain -- so I'm not letting him near my bunny.

Cultural Theory Myths of Nature
A series of images I made to illustrate the Cultural Theory myths of nature, including my own proposed concept of a fifth "Mr. T" culture. You can also take the humorous cultural theory test or the serious cultural theory test.


Metro Anagram
A map of the DC Metro, with all of the stations and other places made into anagrams. My name even appears in it.

Jeremy Bentham meets stupid internet meme.

My Seal
From some seal generator webpage.

What image better represents the concept of "motivation" than a motivational poster? This is my desktop image, but it hasn't worked.

Nacho Ice Cream
New from Ben & Jerry's

Where pumpkins who die in battle go.

Lamps In Hell
My submission to the Poorly-Drawn Lamp Page

A stupid pun based on the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant

Origami Turtle Boy
An origami version of the Turtle-Boy Love Statue in Worcester, MA. It was removed from DeviantArt because they figured out what the turtle and the boy are doing.
Turtle Boy Jack'o'lantern
Turtle Boy also appears in carved squash form.

Based on Dave's idea for "Nietzschechu"

No Cilantro
A logo for the 10% of us who can taste the nasty chemical in cilantro.

Happy 2008
This was going to be the cover of our 2008 New Year's cards.

Lobachevsky map
I mapped out the route of the plagiarized mathematics paper described in Tom Lehrer's song "Lobachevsky".

Gifford Pinchot saves New Jersey
This is my contribution to the History Time LJ community, for fans of Kate Beaton's history comics. Before he was the first head of the Forest Service, Gifford Pinchot promoted the cessation of all fire in New Jersey, writing several reports about how locals' controlled burns supposedly destroy the ecology and timber value.

Orwell in Burma
One time Kate Beaton posted a script for a history comic and asked for volunteers to illustrate it.

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