"World And Nation" Headline List, Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah

Lore Fitzgerald Sjöberg discovered that the news is more fun if the headlines can be sung to the tune of the first line of "Camptown Races" when followed by "doo-dah, doo-dah." During my senior year, News Editor Marty Bair and I had a secret pact to make all of the headlines in the "World and Nation" briefs section of The Maroon-News doo-dah-able.

Oct 9 2001:
Bombers Get Life Sans Parole
Taliban: Bin Laden Safe
Rebels Prepare to Attack
Ground Troops Ready to Move In
More Civilian Deaths Announced

Oct 26 2001:
Germans Hunt for Terrorists
Anthrax Found in White House Mail
Powell Plans Afghan Leadership
Terror Bill Passes in House
Taliban Gets Human Shields
Spacecraft Starts to Orbit Mars
College Bills are on the Rise
Senate Fillibuster Ends
Clinton Campaign Charge Dismissed

Nov 2 2001:
Feds Warn Nation of Attacks
Anthrax Kills New York Woman
US Forces are on Ground
Muslims: Halt for Ramadan
Hero Trading Cards Hit Stores
Japanese Sue Their PM
Armed Albanians Block Road
Aussies Plan Koala Kill
Bush Demands a Stimulus
Anthrax Mailed to Embassy
Marijuana Crackdown Launched
Arsenic Rule Made More Strict

Nov 9 2001:
Nations Protest EU Meet
World's Resources Running Out
Flower Hits Prince in the Face
Anthrax Vaccine Stockpiled
Bush Won't Release Records Yet
Bloomberg Wins Mayoral Race
Feds Crack Down on Suicide
Rebels Threaten Northern Town
Bin Laden Trying to Get Nukes
Agents Cut off Terror Funds
False Alarm on Bridges Scare

Nov 16 2001:
Taliban Flee Kabul's Fall
Christians Freed by Taliban
Britain Shows Bin Laden's Guilt
Military Will Hold Trials
Gay Egyptains Sent to Jail
Putin, Bush Agree on Nukes
Summit Brings a Free Trade Pact
Rubble Cleared Around Algiers
Rattle Heard on Cockpit Tape
Thurmond Moves to Hospital
Bishops Choose First Black Leader
Appalachia Still on Fire

Nov 30 2001:
Two Arrests in Italy
Coca-Cola Plant Attacked
Hungary May Join EU
US Agent Loses Life
Afghans Reject Foreign Troops
Taliban Says "Fight to Death"
Terror Bill is Nearly Passed

Jan 25 2002
Walker Lindh Appears in Court
Rumsfeld: Prison Treatment Good
Bush Ups Terror Fighting Funds
Fund: Stop Giving Us Money
Suspects Caught in India
Hopes for Mideast Peace Grow Dim
Volcano Hits Congo Town
Berenson Wants To Appeal
Troops Will Stay on Saudi Soil
Sex Offenders Can Go Free
Enron Searched by FBI
Bush Backs Pro-Life Protesters
Rubella is Almost Gone

Feb 1 2002
Sharon Wishes Yasser Died
Asylum Hungered For in Strike
HP-Compaq Merger Good
German Stem Cells Imported
Indian Missile Makes the Grade
Bush Gives Nation New Motto
GAO Will Sue White House
Economic Forum Meets
Super Bowl Will Be Secure
Reno Faints at Podium

Feb 8 2002:
Bail Denied to Walker Lindh
Al-Qaida Remains a Threat
Prisoners Were Not Taliban
Turkey Gets IMF Loan
Argentines Change Elections
Irish Bank Suspects Huge Fraud
Frenchman Sentenced for Attack
Slobodan will Call Leaders
Power Exec in the Dark
Senate Prunes Farm Subsidies
Panel Wants to Split Up Rail
Sharon Meets Bush in DC

Feb 15 2002:
Daniel Pearl's Fate Still Unknown
Shots Exchanged in Kandahar
Rice: Al-Qaida Coming Back
Range of Iraq Options Weighed
Campaign Finance Bill is Passed
Bush Proposes Greenhouse Plan
Less Sleep Leads to Longer Life
Yucca Mountain Site Approved

Feb 22 2002:
Greece Tries to Save its Airline
US Won't Talk to Sudan
Ceasefire in Sri Lanka
Army Bombs Rebel Enclave
Search for Bodies Underway
Court Hears Cleveland Vouchers Case
Spies Watch Filipino Group
Afghan Warlords Could Sink Peace
Cheney: "Evil" Accurate
Pentagon Plans Falsified

Mar 1 2002:
Deaths in Gujarat Riots
Turkey Outlaws Virgin Checks
Three Convictions Overturned
Body Found, Might be Van Dam
Bush Endorses Dole Campaign

Mar 8 2002:
Hundreds of Al-Qaida Killed
Panel: Anthrax Vaccine Safe
Three Danes and Two Germans Killed
Neighbors Watch for Terrorists
Violence in Gaza Strip
Tarrifs Placed on Foreign Steel
Pickering Vote is Delayed
Condit Loses Primary

Mar 29 2002:
Turkey, Greece Sign Gas Contract
Mont Blanc Tunnel May Open
Ivory Coast Gets Grant Loan
Drought Taxes Water Supply
Reparations Lawsuit Filed
Leahy: Investigate Ray
Anthrax Victim's Family Sues
Call From Bush Stopped King's Return
Three More Groups on Terror List

Apr 5 2002:
Sharon Cautions Hezbollah
Turkey Defends Palestine
Interest Rates Remain Unchanged
Queen Mum Dead at 101
Teenager Sentenced to Life
Foundations Spent More Last Year
"AOL's a Hypocrite"
Rock Musician Sued in Death
First Afghan Soliders are Trained
Prisoner: I'm American
Quaida Leader Pleads Guilty
Detainee Won't be Tortured

Apr 12 2002:
INS May Split in Two
Lawyer Aided Terrorist
Karzai Will Rebuild Buddhas
Afghans Destroy Poppy Crop
Army Invents Sandwich[es]
Israel Continues War
Tamils Want Autonomy
War Crimes Tribunal Is Approved
Venezuelans Hold Protest
War Crimes Suspect Shoots Himself
Election Reform Bill Passed
Bush to Congress: Outlaw Clones
Jet Rolls into LA Street
Cheney Team Sought Green Input
Indian Funds Mismanaged

Apr 19 2002:
Rights Lawyers Sue John Ashcroft
We Goofed, Now Bin Laden's Gone
British Have a Battle Plan: Operation Ptarmigan
Powell Fails To Get Cease-Fire
Court: Fake Child Porn Is OK
Nader's Debate Case Settled
Out-of-State Abortions Banned
Ashcroft Can't Stop Right to Die

Apr 26 2002:
Qaida Can Build Dirty Bomb
Prosecutor Fears for Life
Moussaoui Wants Mental Exam
US Troops in Pakistan
French Aren't Happy with LePen
Palestinians Want Aid
Europe Unites Against Hate
Four Sentenced for Ze'evi's Death
Priests Agree to Fight Abuse
Senate Energy Bill Passed

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