Are You Marty Or Zomberg?

1. Some new first-year girls have joined the band. You decide to:
a) Be extra nice to them.
b) Stalk them, refusing to take the hint even when they hit you with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Your home state has been described as:
a) The armpit of America.
b) Actually part of Canada.

3. Your second language is:
a) German.
b) Ghetto

4. Which of the following best described your attitude toward phone calls?
a) I wish people would stop calling me.
b) If they won't call me back, I'd better call them again.

5. When you don't have the music to a song, you:
a) Remember the music from High School.
b) Make something up.

6. You think Stenny spends so much time at The Maroon-News because:
a) He's really into journalism.
b) He's in love with Julia Milona.

7. The women's basketball team just scored a three-point basket. What do you do?
a) Play "charge."
b) Declare your undying passion for a member of the team.

8. What are your feelings about Laura "Faith" Rohrbacher?
a) Why does Zomberg think I love her?
b) Marty is definitely in love with her.