Christmas Bird

One of the few traditions my family retains from its Swedish heritage (the other being bland food) is putting a blue bird ornament on the tree for good luck. But we always manage to lose our bird after Christmas is over, so the next year they come to me to make a new one.

Step 1
1. Crease horizontally, vertically, and diagonally.
Step 2
2. Fold two opposite corners to the centre.
Step 3
3. Water-bomb base.
Step 4
4. Squash-fold. Repeat behind.
Step 5
5. Fold to the right. Repeat behind.
Step 6
6. Squash-fold. Repeat behind.
Step 7
7. Petal fold. Repeat behind.
Step 8
8. Fold down. Do not repeat behind.
Step 9
9. Pull out the raw edges from underneath.
Step 10
10. Flip over.
Step 11
11. Fold down.
Step 12
12. Fold the corners to the centre, then flip over.


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