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This is a compilation of my best single posts. It is not necessarily representative of my blogging as a whole -- for example, there's little here about environmentalism or immigration.

This Particular Order Or Chaos -- On misplaced fears about social change (10.05.03)

Does A Man Need A Man? -- Why I'm skeptical of how fundamental gender is in choosing friendships. (28.06.04), see also Role Models And Privileged Pride (02.10.04)

Geography's Guns, Germs, And Steel Problem -- A critique of Jared Diamond's book (27.07.05), see also Once More On Jared Diamond (29.07.05)

How To Create A Law -- A rebuttal of the ethical/axiological argument for God (10.08.05), see also Thoughts On Divine Command Theory And Atheist Morality (04.11.06), and The "Moral Argument" For God Fails (06.01.07)

Criminal Justice Produces Criminals -- On how our "justice" system is counterproductive (18.02.06)

Hate Crimes Are Not Thought Crimes -- A defense of hate crimes laws and a critique of the usual defense of them (28.03.06)

A Critique Of Deep Ecology (27.04.06), see also In Defense Of Ecofeminism (02.09.06)

Utilitarianism Without Data -- On the real problem with Peter Singer's views on disabled and fat people (06.05.06)

What You Choose Is Not The Issue -- Why focusing on individuals' choice to change their last name is misplaced, with an aside on "losing your feminist credentials" (16.05.06)

Let DC Vote -- A rebuttal to the main arguments against giving Washington, DC representation in Congress (19.07.06)

Ending Racism Versus Not Being A Racist -- On white people's common misframing of what racism and fighting it are all about (19.09.06), see also Why White Liberals Get So Defensive (17.11.06)

Little Rock 9 : Jena 6 :: Undocumented Immigrants : Criminal Aliens -- Why a focus on undocumented people is too narrow a way to see the injustice of the U.S. immigration system (11.11.07)