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This survey was created by my friend pixel (aka Corey Marie). She's doubleplusgood.
Last updated 1 Aug 09

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Compute This!

104. Do you have your own computer? A Dell Inspiron with Windows XP running in Classic mode, named Jacob (successor to my first two computers, Abraham and Isaac).
105. Do you brag about it to others? No, I prefer to whinge.
106. Do you go to computer stores just to look around? No.
107. Ever programmed little games into one of those cool, expensive calculators? We once made this movie where you scroll down and watch this moving pattern of 1's and 0's.
108. Ever wished you could? Not really. It's not high on my list of priorities.
109. How often do you get online? Every day, or else I get twitchy.
110. Do you have friends online that you've never met in real life? Yes. Pixel, for example.
111. Do you post at any ubbs; which ones? I used to be an administrator at Brunchma.com before it went defunct..
112. Do you have a web page; what's the addy? This is a foolish question.
113. Do you actually know html? Yes.
114. Do you use AOL? At home, it used to be the only way to connect to the Internet.
115. Do you honestly believe that AOL is "the internet"? Mostly I went on AOL to delete porn spam from my inbox. So yes, that pretty much sums up the Internet.
116. Do you mind if I laugh at you? Yes. I have a very fragile ego.
117. Do you know more than 5 ways to make a little happy face out of punctuation and letters? If I did, I'd be in denial about it.
118. More than 10? Bah! Stupid emoticons!
119. Ever looked up porn online? They call it "googling" now.
120. Ever downloaded illegal mp3's? Mp3's what? I only download the mp3s themselves, not any of their posessions.
121. Lie on surveys often? Not on the last question, if that's what you're getting at.

I'm OK, and Darn It, People Like Me:

122. Who's the first person to come to mind when you think of the word friend? Mr. Rogers.
123. Who's the first person to come to mind when you think of the word enemy? Gannon.
124. Do they consider you an enemy? Yes. He wants to destroy me.
125. What is your best friend's middle name? I'm not sure I have a specific "best friend."
126. Do you trust people? Most of the time.
127. Do you get along with people? I get along with people like Mauro that everyone else hates.
128. Ever gotten into a physical fight? My brother always used to hold me down and hit me with his head.
129. Did you start it? Never.
130. Ever gotten a swirlee? No. And I'd spell it "swirlie."
131. Ever given one? No.
132. Who are you jealous of; why are you jealous of them? How long you got?
133. Have you ever given money to a homeless person? To buskers, who may or may not be homeless.
134. What's the longest relationship you've ever been in? Nine years and counting.
135. Are you currently in a relationship? I haven't gotten a haircut in a while. By Gulnar's theory I should have girls beating a path to my door any day now.
136. Are you in love? In love ... with DANGER!
137. Do they love you back? Only the lower part of my back.
138. Would you get married, today, to someone, if you were told that you'd get $2,500 a week for the rest of your lives, as long as you never got divorced? Zomberg's that desperate, eh?
139. If you could change one thing about the person you're with/person you'd like to be with, what would it be? If she could synthesize cash out of thin air so we didn't have to work, that would be nice.
140. Who (that you know/have known personally) has been the most inspirational person in your life? Dr. Gilligan, my high school English teacher, was a big influence, although I don't know that "inspirational" is precisely the right word for it.
141. Who is your hero? Link, from the Legend of Zelda. If he dies, he comes back to life at the last door he went through. I wish I could do that.

Ah, Memories.

142. What's your oldest memory? Playing in the soft spot in our yard that formed when our septic tank broke.
143. What was your favorite toy when you were little? Tan Bunny, a beanbag rabbit.
144. Favorite cartoon? We only got three TV shows when I was little -- the news, the Smurfs, and ALF.
145. What was your most embarrassing moment in elementary school? I'm trying to forget it, thank you.
146. Do you have any bad habits; what are they? I pick my nose and ears. Care to shake hands?
147. Tell me about the best pet you ever had. Liza, a dwarf rabbit. She got her foot bitten off by some wild animal. My dad had her put to sleep one weekend when I went away to camp.
148. Who is the one person you know now that you'd like to remember forever? In terms of people I probably won't see again and am in danger of forgetting, probably the people I met in Australia, since I have only found a few of them on Facebook.
149. What one memory do you want to take with you for the rest of your life? The time we wrote "MOON-PIE" in rocks on the dry bed of Payne Creek.
150. If you could change one thing that happened in the last two years, what would it be? More service on University-wide committees, apparently.
151. If you could go back in time to two years ago, knowing what you know now, would you? Heck yeah. Then I could have more fun because I wouldn't need to study as much. And I could write prophetic commentaries for the newspaper.
152. Would you go, not knowing what you know now? Nah, I'd just make the same mistakes over again.
153. What is the bravest thing you've ever done? I asked this girl out one time. And she turned me down. See if I ever take any risks again. Hmph.
154. Do you keep a diary? My dad thinks I should, because his idol Dr. Cyr does.
155. Do you save letters and cards from people? Only because I can't be bothered to walk over to the rubbish bin with them.

All of These Clothes and Nothing To Wear!

156. Do you wear brand name clothing? Target brand.
157. Do you wear it because it's brand name? No.
158. Do you know how to tie a tie? Yup.
159. A bow tie? No.
160. Do you keep your underwear and socks in the same drawer or separate ones? The same.
161. Do you fold your underwear? No.
162. When choosing undies, do you go by comfort, or by attractiveness? I tend to go by the rule of, "do I have to pay money for these, or do I already own them and just need to wash them?"
163. Ever gone anywhere with no underwear? Well, into the shower.
164. How about to church with no underwear? Heck no.
165. Do you wear jewelry? I'm not a big fan of jewelry, on myself and others. Except for glasses, which are jewelry in the sense that you could get contacts if you wanted to.
166. A lot of it? What did I just say?
167. Tell me about your favorite pair of shoes. My brother had this pair completely covered in duct tape. I thought it was amusing.
168. When you take off your shoes, do you untie them? No.
169. What is the article of clothing you've owned for the longest time? Probably the hat I made out of carpet for hat day in high school.
170. Do you wear a hat? See above.


171. What's your favorite color? Chameleon.
172. What color(s) is/are your bedroom painted? White. And they just repainted it, so I'm not allowed to pound nails into the walls.
173. Do you have a lucky number? No, although I'm partial to 8.
174. Have you ever won on a scratch-off lottery ticket; how much did you win? Never even bought one. I've never won a raffle, either. Or Publisher's Clearinghouse.
175. What is the punch line to your favorite joke? "I guess I'm just a bad conductor."
176. What's your favorite holiday? "Public Holiday," which Australia celebrates in October. It's a stealth holiday -- it shows up without warning, nobody knows what it commemmorates, and then it disappears and nobody thinks about it for another year.
177. What was your best Halloween costume ever? I was a window. I had venetian blinds hanging on my chest and curtains on my back like a cape.
178. What's the best Christmas gift you've ever gotten. My trumpet.
179. What do you collect? Photocopies of scholarly articles about fire ecology.
180. Own any Beanie Babies; how many do you own? No; 0.
181. Have you ever thought seriously about committing suicide? Once or twice I've thought that it wouldn't be so bad if something happened to kill me, but I was never motivated to take matters into my own hands.
182. Have you ever tried to commit suicide? No.
183. What is your stage name/pen name? Eemeet Meeker.
184. Are you wearing shoes right now? No.
185. What are you asking for, Christmas-wise? Nothing. I can't think of anything I want, and I won't mind if people don't get me anything. Buying stuff just to have bought stuff for someone is silly.
186. What word do you use when you think something is good (i.e.: cool)? "awesome."
187. Would you ever bungee jump? I am incredibly afraid of heights, so no.
188. Sky dive? See question #187.
189. What are you worried about right now? This survey going on and on so that I don't get any sleep tonight.
190. Do you think you are strong? Smelling, sometimes.
191. Do you wish on stars? I wish I could recognize stars. Constellations tend to move when I try to look at them.
192. What's the craziest thing you've done on a bet? Drinking my first beer was kind of a bet.
193. What did you get out of it? Liz took me on "Rohan's Death March" hike up a creek bed to the top of Mt. Brisbane, then over to the top of Mt. Keira and down into Wollongong.

Let's End This, Shall We?

194. How long did it take you to fill out this survey? Two hours, at least, counting all the formatting, the first time.
195. What's today's date? 28/11/00 (updated 08/06/14)
196. Do you feel better about yourself now, do ya? No, just tired.
197. Ok, I guess not. That's not a question.
198. Do you know me? If "me" means pixel, then yeah.
199. Do I know you? Yup. But we already established that.
200. Do you want to know me? Where else would I get long surveys like this one?

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