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Another Test

Sorry about the flood of test posts -- still working out some kinks in the publishing settings.

Stentor Danielson, 23:27, |

New Site Test

OK, worked on the sixth try.

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New Site Test

Second try ...

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New Site Test

Let's see if I managed to get everything set up right on the first try ...

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THIS BLOG IS MOVING -- update your bookmarks, links, feeds, etc.

This blog is getting a new home. The new address is:

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In Which We Learn That I Am Not That Much Of A (Pro)Feminist Yet

A conversation with my wife a little while ago:

Me: I understand that they installed a lock on the laundry room door so that only people who live in this apartment complex can use our facilities. But it's really annoying that the lock is double-sided, so you have to use your key to get out of the laundry room too.

Her: It's also potentially dangerous for women.

Me: Huh? How so?

Her: Say I ended up in there alone with some guy who decided to make some kind of threatening advance. It would take too long for me to fumble for my key and unlock the door to escape. He'd have plenty of time to grab me.

Me: Oh yeah. Duh, why didn't I think of that?

Stentor Danielson, 09:48, |